campaign slogan:
“from the past to the present,always new”
       Century of history, Japanese originality and brand goal for returning back to Iran market with aiming both two old and new generation  throw us in the campaign design road to the world of mythology all in all; along with legends, we found out that giant brands are our today world myths indeed.
Core of this Campaign concept are formed by two words "PAST and PRESENT” in phase I. A souvenir of this trip is samurai; they were prefect and heroes of this legendary brand with great wisdom,absolutely without fear,full of courage and master of combat tricks in the battlefield which are known for Iranian people from long years ago.
from the past to the present;always new” as our campaign slogan made an unified system with Panasonic history, authority and modern audience.
Phase II
      Focusing on nostalgia concept and replacing signs with practical objects were considered in phase ll to represent  PANASONIC glorious and perfection.
3D modeling and armor concept:
Ordered by azhand gheshm co. (rep. for panasonic inside iran)
Creative art direction: Hamid Reza Daneshfar, Arin Ohanian
Concept: Reza Eslampanah, Hamid Reza Daneshfar
Digital painting: Arash Radkia
Illustarion: Nikoo Daneshfar, Hamid Reza Daneshfar
3D artist and creative retoucher: Saeed Rashvand
Photography: Hamid Eskandari
Graphic designer: Mania Eghrarian

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